The Feedback Loop (The Feedback Loop, Book 1)

The Feedback Loop (The Feedback Loop, Book 1)

The Feedback Loop (The Feedback Loop, Book 1)

Harmon Cooper

"## notice why the skinny line among dream and truth is pixilated during this exciting series!

Quantum Hughes' lifestyles is caught on repeat.

While trapped within the Loop, a digital leisure dreamworld, he struggles to loose himself from a glitch that forces him to re-live an analogous day persistently.

Everything alterations after Quantum gets a mysterious message from a lady named Frances Euphoria, the 1st human participant he has made touch with in years.

Once Frances looks, individuals of the Reapers, a homicide guild, start surfacing within the Loop, hoping to trap Quantum, or worse - **kill him.**

To extra complicate concerns, The Loop itself is doing every little thing it will possibly to forestall Quantum from escaping.

**With time operating out, will Quantum break away from The Loop ahead of he's captured or killed via the Reapers?**Who is the mysterious Frances Euphoria, and what does she really find out about how lengthy Quantum has been trapped within the digital dreamworld?

If you're keen on prepared participant One, Sin urban, Groundhog Day or Phillip okay. Dick, you'll love this action-packed sequence. Romance, suspense, philosophical questions, digital fact and violence all mix during this epic experience.

**Start this action-packed sequence today!**

# experiences for the series

## 'A mad, insane absolutely amazing sci-fi story... With sharp writing and an edgy, fast paced plot, it's effortless to wander away within the online game your self. The large and image international development with The Loop should still particularly galvanize players for the actual think it provides. ' -- Amazon most sensible 500 reviewer

## 'The booklet is tough to specific except you will have learn it. Its equivalent elements futuristic and equals components dramatic. The ordeal is like coming into the motion picture global of TRON with a slightly of the television sequence Quantum Leap... clever, imaginative.' --

## 'Entertaining And completely Engrossing' -- Amazon united kingdom Reader

## 'As the rule of thumb states: the secret is maim... I loved the convenience of learn and the tale stored me going till the very end.' -- Liquid Frost, Amazon best a hundred reviewer

## 'Groundhog day, set in a video game/virtual world... fast moving and action-filled.' -- Amazon US Reader

'I think that the mark of a really gifted author is their skill to go away you in need of the tale not to finish or impatiently anticipate the subsequent one. Harmon certainly has that skill and has now proved it in a number of genres.' -- Amazon US reader

**Note to readers**: The suggestions Loop happens twenty-five years sooner than the existence is a gorgeous factor sequence. It stocks an analogous global, yet is a standalone sequence that makes a speciality of digital leisure dreamworlds and the folks who're trapped in them. the subsequent publication within the series,**Steampunk is useless, is out now!**


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