Spira Mirabilis (The Wave Trilogy #3)

Spira Mirabilis (The Wave Trilogy #3)

Spira Mirabilis (The Wave Trilogy #3)

Aidan Harte

within the 1347th 12 months of Our woman the engineers of harmony defeated the fractious city-state of Rasenna utilizing the paranormal technological know-how of Wave expertise. town of Towers fought again, and for it slow Concord's plans for domination have been halted.

But First Apprentice Torbidda regrouped, and reformed harmony to his personal layout. Now he's in absolute keep watch over, and plotting the ultimate conflict that may pacify Etruria . . . completely. Contessa Sofia Scaligeri may well rally her humans once more, yet she is way away within the Crusader nation of Akka, trapped together with her son, in thrall to the tyrant Queen Catrina.

Darkness is falling. the ultimate conflict has to be fought and the tide needs to be became, lest evil reign forever.

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